Your Maternity Wardrobe: The Dos and Don’ts

Your Maternity Wardrobe: The Dos and Don’ts
During pregnancy, finding the right clothes can be a difficult task. You’ll probably want to achieve a balance of style and comfort in a range of outfits – for both daytime and evening-wear. Plus your changing body shape is likely to push your regular clothes out of the equation.
When the time comes to assemble your maternity wardrobe, there will probably be a lot of things to take into account. Here are some simple dos and don’ts to give you a helping hand.

Wear Maxi Dresses and Maxi Skirts
Throughout your pregnancy, maxi dresses and skirts are some of the most versatile items you’ll have in your wardrobe as their lose-fitting fabric makes them ideal for a changing body shape. Adding a couple of accessories will also transform the maxi dress from a comfy day-wear item to a glamorous evening piece.
Image: Liberty Gown (Blackberry) from Tiffany Rose. £249.00.

Invest in a Maternity Support Band
Surely a staple for many Mums-to-be, the maternity support band is designed to take the strain away from your lower back. They are also designed to attach to your regular trousers – which means you could even wear them unbuttoned!
Image Credit: Just For Mum.

Wear Wrap Dresses
Wrap dresses are a wise choice as alike to the maxi dress, they are very versatile. A great item to wear to work, or simply at the weekend; they provide not only comfort but definition between your bust and your bump. This is especially helpful in the third trimester, as you get even bigger.
Image Credit: duematernity.

Wear your regular old t-shirts
Although tempting, your regular clothes are better left until you’re post-pregnancy. As you get bigger, your favourite t-shirts and tops will become too short at the front; revealing your elasticated maternity pants!
Image Credit: FlyButtafly.

Wear a shapeless blouse or dress
Shapeless clothes do tend to be very comfortable, however they aren’t too flattering. A shapeless blouse will hang off your bump – making you appear big all-over. Whereas what you’re really looking for are clothes that will rather add definition to your curves.
Image Credit: Ivy@PaperElixir.

Wear short dresses
An easy mistake to make – a short dress can look okay through the early stages of pregnancy. Though as your bump grows bigger, the dress will likely become too short; and you’ll be one gust of wind away from an embarrassing moment!
Image Credit: natsumom.


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