I See Me books, puzzles and more. Giveaway

Kids love to see their names on things. It not only helps to know that it is their name, it helps them read and learn letters. I See Me makes personalized children's books, and now puzzles. This is great gift for kids from birth to 12 years old. We got Aiden a puzzle, he is getting older and I want him to learn how to put it together.

I See Me has been on the Today Show, Babycenter.com, Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine. They have also won many awards from iParenting, homeschool.com, Mom's Choice and more. With that being said I See Me has a new book this month called My Very Own Name. This book is really cute and shows you how to spell your name is a way that kids can remember. This would make a great gift for Christmas!!!

And how about the puzzle I got Aiden...

When he started to put it together he pulled out the part that spelled his name, and he said "mommy look name". I also showed him how to put it together, but I really did not need to do much, because the puzzle is simple and cute he was able to do most of it by himself.

I See Me makes all kinds of things for kids, not just books and puzzles but also coloring booksplacemats, and lunchboxes. Also if you have more then one kid this is a great way to show them whos book, or lunchboxes are whos. Like I said I See Me would make a great gift for Christmas!

How would you like to get something like this for your kid? Well here is your chance!!

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