Picking the right wedding dress

I can't even began to tell you the nightmare it was for me to pick a wedding dress. Let me first start by saying I love the wedding dress I wore 5 1/2 years ago. But let's face it having two kids and 5 years later, that dress does not fit like it used to. I also had a harder time because I needed to find a modest dress. That means no low back, to low sweet heart neck line, and it has to have sleeves. I know I know your thinking it can't be found right... And for under $300. I know your thinking, "yeah right well good luck with that!" Well I am proud to say that I found just that at David's Bridal 

Just so you know I was not asked by David's Bridal to write this. I am just trying to tell you ways to save a little money on weddings. Ours is coming up in a month and a half!!! Ok so I had a blast trying on dresses but due to my religion I needed to find something modest. Most if not all wedding dresses now are sleeveless and like I said I needed one with sleeve. So it is nice to know that for a small extra price you can buy a cover/jacket. I also did not want a train, last time it was just in the way and made the dress feel heaver. So my sister in law ended up finding satin pick up ball gown, something I thought I would not like on me. Let me tell you ladies if you think you will not like it... you might find out that you love it so try it on it can't hurt!

This dress is $399 and was on sale last week (only $50 off) and with 6 month no interest to pay it off I decided to get a David's Bridal credit card. Long story short I was told that I was not approved so I kind of gave up on my dress.  But then i came home got on line and looked around and found this dress that look just the same.

The only difference is there is a small crystal bow on this one. (The colored sash is extra) But here is the kicker this satin pick up gown is $249 and last week when the sale was for $199!!!! So I talked to Ryan and we where going to work it out so I could get this on payday. Well payday came and our bills where high this month so I would not be able to get the dress. Sigh so I gave up again on my dress. Later that day I went to get the mail, and I saw the letter from the credit company and thought, "well at least I will know why I did not get approved." But as I was opening it I felt something hard.... I GOT APPROVED AND IT WAS THE CARD!!!!

So I rushed over to David's Bridal (because it was the last day of the sale) and got the cheaper dress with the cover/jacket and the plum sash for all under $330!!!! Let me tell you ladies, make sure you check the website to see if there is an identical dress that is cheaper!!!

My dress will be here no later then April 9th and good thing too because the wedding vows are the next week!


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