Natural Child World Magazines, review and #giveaway

As much as I love to look at baby magazines, have you ever noticed that they never really show any "green" things in there? Not saying the things in there are bad, just that they don't have a lot of info about things that are for us moms who are trying to go green, cloth diapering, and use products that are more Eco-friendly. Well now there is a magazine that comes with it all. It's called Natural Child World Magazine and they have great stories such as, "Choosing Non-Toxic Toys" and "Mighty Milk" (Breast milk that is).

Not only do that have great stories but they also have some great Eco-friendly products there too, and not just for babies. They even show some beauty products for moms. Things for detoxing, face wash, body wash, and they are all natural products.

I'll be the first to say that I don't always live a green life and I think that is because I don't always know how to. This is why I have gone back and read Natural Child more then once, something I don't do with other magazines. Just from reading "Choosing Non-Toxic Toys" it has really made me think twice about what toys are in my kids room. Did you know that one in three toys where tested and had significant levels of led, and ARSENIC! (according to 2008

So if you are a mom who wants to live a more green life or you do already and want to read something educational and fun. You should really look into Natural Child Word Magazine, or better yet you can enter to win a year's subscription!!! Also make sure you head over to their website to keep up with the news, and make sure you like their Facebook and Twitter page too!


This is so great I have been looking for just this kind of magazine. I am so happy to find it here. :)

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