Live Clean (Baby) Diaper Ointment

I have gotten lucky with not having a ton of diaper rashes with my kids. The few times I have was when we where trying to find out what diaper he could use. Now that we have a new little one we want to see if he has the same problem. I just knew that we where going to need to get some good diaper rash cream on hand just in case. But have you ever read the back, are really seen what is in diaper rash cream? While some brands are more natural then others, have you ever wished to find that one that is not only 100% natural but is also hypoallergenic, petroleum free and free of preservative? Well look no further, because Live Clean (baby) diaper ointment does just that!

Live Clean (baby) is a company that works hard to bring you products that are save for baby and the environment. They also use only plant sourced or non-petrochemical ingredients. It is also hypoallergenic, which is great for my kids because it seams like everything rashes them out. I love how smooth it goes on with out feeling like you have a bunch of junk on your hand. Don't you hate that? When you are trying to put diaper ointment on your little one and it feels like you get more on your finger then you do your little one? I also love that is does not smell like anything. Ever open ointment and had that nasty smell? Well that is all the nasty chemicals they use, that is why you don't smell it with live clean (baby).

Live Clean is a Canadian company that has just made it to the US and is being sold only at Walgreens. For a 2.6 oz bottle is going to cost you about $6.99 and it will last you a long time. A little really does go a long way with them. They also make soap and shampoos for little ones too. Make sure you follow Live Clean on Facebook to stay on top of new things and news. I want to say thank you once again to Live Clean (baby) for offering me the diaper ointment, because you will never know when you need some!


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