About me update

Hi readers, it has now been about a year seance I started writing on this blog. I have to say I have gone a long way from where I wanted to go. I started this blog to help other new moms get as much info as they could about products, breastfeeding, potty training and more... and I kind of failed you on that. While I have done lots of review on baby products, I have also not really been telling you what has been going on in my life.

I am now a proud mama of two boys. My oldest is now 2 (27 months) and is almost potty trained! And then there is my new little bundle of joy who is 2 months. With my oldest (Aiden) we co-beded and I tried to cloth diaper him. I never even knew about cloth diapering until after he was born. I got lucky with him when it came to breastfeeding, the took to it like a pro. Aiden had a lot of little health problems his first year of life but now has a 100% clean bill. We also had him learn sign language at a young age and that helps cut down on the crying.

He was able at a young age to tell us if he was hungry or if he needed something. We used Baby Signs for that (and to learn the signs for potty training). I think this really helped him learn to go potty better. We started to teach him before he was 2, most of the time that might be a little early but he got it. However once Logan came into this world all bets where off. He wanted to go back and be the baby.

Now after two months, he is back to normal. We started to potty train Aiden again about three days ago. Because he already knew what he was doing he picked it up fast again. We tried the M&M trick, where you give him one every time he goes pee. He did not seam to care for that much but he did love it when you said "YAY good job!" After three days he no longer likes to wear a diaper. He gets up, picks out what underwear he wants to wear and goes pee in the potty. However poop is another matter!

As for Logan, well he's 2 months there is not a lot new that is going on there! I hope to start doing more updates and let you know what is going on in my life. I want to thank you all that come to my side people leave comments as often as you can it really does help.


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