Wedding talk

Yes Ryan and I are married, going on our 6th year. However we never got to get married in our temple. So now that the time is right and we have been going to church more and we are ready to get married in our church. Yes I am lds and we believe in all time and eternity not just till death do we part. So now I am planning a fast wedding! My parents are coming to visited in April, so I need to find a dress, bridesmaid dress, and more.... Fast! So the next few months I am going to tell you some of the best places to go, where to buy and what to get. Also how to do it on a budget. Lets face it as a mom of two boys you don't always have a ton of money left over to spend on you. The first dress I had I loved but again after two kids, your body is not the same anymore.

I think we did our first wedding under $500!!! We had my sister in law and parents cook, so we saved money that way. We used our church building so we did not have to rent a hall. And we even made our own weeding cake!!!!

If you are getting married or just thinking about renewing your vows, then keep an eye out the next few months and I will help you find ways to save money on it but also make it look great!


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