BrylaneHome Carbon Steel Non Stick Cookware

I am SO not the cook in this family! I know how to cook eggs, mac and cheese and a few other things :) My husband is the real cook in the family. Most of the time he just makes it up as he goes. The biggest problem we have had is that every one of our pots and pans are handle downs or we bought at a second hand store. We have been in dier need of a new set now that he is cooking more. We also did not want to get just any we really need/wanted to get a set that was non stick. Lucky BrylaneHome has some great deals of pots and pans. Like this one I'm getting to review, their 14 pc Carbon steel non-stick cookware set  is normally $99.99 and its on sale for $59.99. 

They heat up really fast, so when you are cooking with them don't go far. This also mean that you food will be ready faster then other ones where it feels like it takes 10 years just to get hot! They are also very light pans so this may also be why they heat up faster.

Also keep in mind just like any other non-stick pots and pans you will want to use plastic or wooden utensils, because if you use medal you WILL scratch up the bottom of them. As for the non-stick part... IT WORKS WONDERS! The last few months my husband has been trying to make an omelette with out it falling apart on him. I think that was when he said enough is enough, we need new pans. So first day we got this, he made a omelette, and it came right off with no problems.

Clean up is easy if you don't mind washing them by hand. They are not safe to go into the dish washer but if you wash it right after your done cooking with it, then the stuff almost just wipes right off. I don't mind giving it a quick hand wash its really not that hard.

Pasta is a big thing in this family both Aiden and I love noodles. But it always seams like when I'm making pasta I can never find the strainer!  Most of the times its dirty or being washed. But the 5-qt  jumbo cooker comes with a lid that locks onto it so you just strain the pasty with out needing to find that strainer.

Over all I think the cook likes it. Over the next few weeks he is going to start doing some cooking recipes and he will be using the 14 pc Carbon steel non-stick cookware set . So keep coming back to see how we like our new set. Thanks again to BrylaneHome for letting us doing a review on this set.


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