My blogging story, then and now

It is hard to believe that that April 2, 2011 I wrote my first blog post. It was a review on plum organic baby food and how my new little boy liked it. From there I was hoping thing would just get better and better. I thought that in a year from then I would be as big as some other big named blogs like Mommy of Two Little Monkeys or Simply Stacie, but I am a far cry from both. In fact more days I feel like I just started blogging, and I am trying to get my number up, and Alexa rank down and so on. But lest face it, I did not/ do not know where to start. I know now that I need to know all about SEO... but I still don't know what that is! So where do I go from here? How do I get bigger? What do I want to do with my blog?

I just started reading a book called Mom Blogging For Dummies and I have to say I feel like a dummy! But I also feel like I am learning a few things to. I know now that I want to talk more about my every day life. Which can be hard as a stay at home mom of two little boys, after all it is not like much goes on here during the day. But I also want to work harder on becoming a brand ambassador and even make a little money on the side. From this book I have learned that I really need to make some good and long lasting friends with some other bloggers. After all being a mom blogging is about talking and working with other moms, at least I feel that way.

When I first started I was growing a good partnership with a blogger (who ended up not blogging as much anymore). She really helped me learn a lot the first few weeks and I still wish her the best in all she does. ( So if you are a blogger and you are reading this, I would really like to talk and become friends. I would love to help you any way I can too.

So now I am finishing Mom Blogging For Dummies and I hope by the end I can come full swing and start looking like a big blogger, or at least feeling like a big blogger. I just want to say thank you again to all of the companies that I have worked with over the last two years. And wish me luck on making this blog a place what you all will want to come back to week by week to learn more.

Now here is a question for you all. Have you ever felt the same? Did you have a hard time when your first started blogging?


MommyMandi said…
I think we started blogging around the same time. I recently just started following you after you left a comment on my blog. :) Blogger PR gives some great daily writing prompts to help you write more about every day life. And I would love to be your mommy bloggy friend. :)
Closer to Lucy said…
Blogging is hard work and there is so much to learn and as soon as you learn it...they change all the rules.

As bloggers all trying to hit the same mark and purpose, we can't be every blogger for him or herself. Sharing what and who we know helps us all grow.

Feel free to reach out anytime. Me casa, you casa :0)
I am lucky I had a mentor from day one so any questions I had I knew where to go for answers. I highly recommend finding a blogging buddy!
Beeb said…
I think being self-employed in any industry is a constant learning curve. The main thing with blogging that I've learned is to be hyper-adaptable, because things change and morph much more quickly than they did back in the print media days!
All of the above is so true! It really helps to have a blogger community to help figure things out. I struggle with having the time to keep up with it and stay in the loop. My list of things I want to do with my site is getting way too long. Thanks for this book reference, it's going on the list. ;)
Oh gosh! I still feel like a newby sometimes. I don't think that feeling ever goes away, since social media is always changing and there is always something new to learn. I also thought I would be doing better than I am now after 3 years. But then I moved my blog to Wordpress and Google didn't recongnize my new blog for months and my numbers went downhill. It was like starting all over again. There is so much to learn and I find it to be so time consuming. So I decided not to stress and just hang with what I could do at the moment (be myself) and not strive for what is impossible. Most important of all is to not compare my blog to others, especially those with higher ranks. lol. In turn I use those blogs/bloggers as mentors.

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