I hate makeup, I have never been able to find a brand that matches my skin color and does not dry me out. I am very fair skin, okay lets face it I am white as a ghost!! So it it really hard to find my right color. Then I have really dry skin on top of that so any liquids I use just makes my face look flaky. That was until I got to try the new Covergirl NaturalLuxe.

I love the color of the lip stick but was still worried about the foundation. So I put it on and asked my hubby how I looked. Mind you he is a husband he HAS to say I look good! :) But I asked if it look like I had any makeup on at all and he said no, but my face looks like it cleared up over night. Because we all get a few break outs every now and then. 

The NatureLuxe foundation is lightweight silk foundation with a touch of cucumber water and a hint of jojoba and rose hip extracts. While the NatureLuxe lip gloss is fortified with mango and shea butter and SPF 15. So both product are make with natural products. 

This really is a must get for make up!


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