Earth Mama Angel Baby

Hello again its time for another one of my reviews. Today I am going to talk about on my my favorite companies. They have everything a new and soon to be new mama may need. They are called earth mama angel baby and I am going to be talking about their Milk Maid Tea today.

When I first had my baby boy I was not sure if I was making enough milk for him, and I was determined to breast feed him. So I started to look up what I could do or take to help me make more milk. Ever where I looked they told me to take more fenugreek. So I went to a GNC and they showed me some pills that had that in them. Well I don't know about you but I HATE having to take horse pills. So I went back online and looked some more and thats when I found Earth Mama Angel Baby.

They sell the tea at Babies R US, so I stopped by one day and got it. I am not a huge tea drinker so at first I thought the taste was not that great, but then I added a little sugar and it got better. Then I went real crazy and got some creamer and made chi tea and man did that taste good.

Here's the kicker though I was not sure how well this would work, so I put my baby to bed and not more then two hours later I needed to pump and BAD!!!! I got so much milk out I was shocked! So from that day on I drank that tea almost ever day and I have had no problems with not make enough milk.

So if you think your "drying up" then just stop by this watering hole and get you some tea :) Because man this stuff really does work!!!

They have more then just this here all kinds of butt balm and lotions so stop over there and see what they have.

All comments are my own I was not paid or this and was not asked to review this. I also did not receive this for free I bough myself.


Lluvia said…
This product is great, help me get more relax and look like i can produce more, so may be helping .
Katie said…
I am hopping this bring my Alexa rank down by commenting on every post I ever made lol

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