Growing pains

Well I just hit 100 GFCs!!!! Thank you all for stopping by and adding me to your list. I can't tell you how much it means to me to have so many followers and in my first month too!! I hope that you call stick around, it might get a little slow at time here with giveaways but I am doing my best.

I don't think many people really understand how hard it is it not only keep up with your blog but to find people who are willing to sponsor you when your so new. I have just joined some really great blogging groups that are going to help put me in touch with some great PR people. So until then you get to read all about my ranting and raving.

With mother's day coming up I am sad to say that I have no giveaways for moms, but I am going to be talking to you about some great gift, places to go and why I love my mom and how much it mean to me to be a mom.That's right this is my first year as a mommy and it have brought joy and stress to my life.

Thank you all again for coming.


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