Plum Organic baby food

So our baby just hit 4 months and its that golden age to start introducing food to him. Of course there are lot of people who say you should wait till they are 6 months and only give them white rice..... well after hearing all about Dr. Greene and his white out story...( go here to ready more about it I was glad to know that it is ok so to feed your baby at 4 month only if they seam like they want to eat. Also that its good to start with organic food and not the white rice.

So I looked around and found Plum Organic baby food

Here are a few that I got. The caps twist on and off, so if you baby does not finish it all in one sitting you can save it for them to finish at a later time.

The flavors are great, yes I did it, I tried them. To tell you the truth I would not mind taking them when I go hiking and need some quick easy food.

Well Aiden love them although he may not be smiling here he ate it with no problems!

Plum Organic baby food is great for starting babies, there are no artificial ingredients and there are no added sugar. You can get Plum at Babies R US and if you keep en eye out they have lots of sales that are 10 for $10!!!

Feel free to take a look at their website to see all the flavors and other products that they have.

Plum Organic did not pay me or give me any products to try, this is all my opinion and bought and paid for by me.


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