Sleep Number....... Baby

I first want to say thank you all for the helpful ideas on how to get my little one into his own crib. On Thursday night I nursed him to sleep, put him in his crib and he was out for half an hour. I then got him back to sleep put him back in, and he was up in less then five mins. Blah.... well I did that three more time then got tired and just put him in bed with me. He slept the rest of the night. So tonight was a busy night for he and he had not had a nap all day. So I put him to bed at 8pm.... its now 10:30pm and he is still asleep, but in my bed. He has not woken up once to look for me. That got me to thinking, maybe he does not like his crib mattress. It is kinda hard and my bed is soft. I have a Sleep Number bed, and boy do I love that bed. Best bed ever!!!

With 2 inches of memory foam on top of that!! I have a very soft, let sleep on a cloud kind of bed. I think Aiden also likes soft beds. So I am thinking about go out and buying a small piece of memory foam and putting it on his bed. 

Then again I do love to cuddle up to him at night, and how long does that really last. 


Judy said…
I would just be very careful because if he rolls over he might get stuck and not able to breathe very well...he might also like the smell of your bed or something like that.
Ashley said…
I love your site! :) So much in fact, I've decided to give it an award! Come here to claim it:
Monika said…
I have a feeling our 17 month old is going to try and co sleep until he leaves for University =(

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Monika @ Aias Dot Ca (
Terri. said…
I am a new follower via GFC, Facebook and Twitter. I hope you can stop by my blog and check it out and follow me back.
GSS said…
gReat blog. Your newest follower, I hope you follow me back.
Im following you now from Super Stalker Sunday!
I love your blog!!

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