Thoughtful Thursday

"Jesse sing 'forever' to Rebecca - Full House"

Each week I will be thanking someone that means a lot to me or sharing something special that has happened to me or I saw happen. I hope you enjoy.

Today I was writing this for my husband. I never imagined I'd still be this happy and this much love after all these year (lol all 3 1/2) You're still the one the best thing that ever happened to me. I heard this song and thought of you. I love you so much!


This is by far the sweetest blog post I've read all day and I totally remember that episode of Full House! Awwww!
Katie said…
lol thank you and you have some VERY beautiful products on your web site, I am now following you back
Katie said…
I am hopping this bring my Alexa rank down by commenting on every post I ever made lol

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