To birth with a Doula

Now a days you don't hear much about people having a doula, midwife, or natural births. Well I am going to tell you a great story about not to long ago, well only 4 months ago when I had a natural birth with the help of a doula.
This was me the morning I was to be induced, I was a week late :(

Really for me I always wanted a natural birth, only because I HATE needles and blood and the thought of an epidural made me sick. So I went to my birthing classes like most first time moms do and I met this great lady named Kelley Chase. She was talking to the class about what a doula is compared to a midwife and how they help. Lets break it down real fast,

Midwife: Performs actual medical care and delivery
Doula: A birthing coach and support (like your partner, but BETTER)

I know I know by now your thinking, "yeah but my husband can hold my hand and I was it to be personal." Let me tell you this is a picture before I started having contractions:

I was happy and doing good, this is me once I started to have them:

And my poor husband kept asking me questions!!!! Do they not get that we are in a LOT OF PAIN and can't think right now. Kelley really helped by talking my husband through it and letting him go for food and staying with me so I would not be alone. She also was telling me different things I could do to help the pain like getting in a hot shower (man that helped a lot) or sitting on the ball:

Thanks to Kelley I was able to give birth natural, and I only had 9 hours of labor and my sweet beautiful baby boy was born on November 23, 2010 at 5:55pm.

So if you are pregnant or going to be pregnant and want to have a natural birth, even if you do take a little meds just NO epidural. I really encourage you to go out and find a doula they can make the birthing  experienceone that you will never forget. Thank you Kelley for all the help that you gave me and my husband.

If you have any other questions about doulas feel free to go to Kelley's web page:


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Mama.Mommy.Mom. said…
I absolutely advocate using a midwife and having a doula! My birth experience with a midwife was so different (in a fantastic way!) than my delivery with an MD.

Katie said…
Thanks, I am now following you both back, and yes it makes a WORLD of a different. I did have a great Dr. though that really wanted to help me get the most out of my birth plan he made sure that I could do it.
spearmint baby said…
i enjoyed reading your experience! if interested you can submit your birth story to :)

found you on the blog hop! i'm your newest follower ;)) shari
What a beautiful baby! I am amazed by women who have natural births!
Holly Ann said…
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Katie said…
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Judy said…
I've heard lots of great things about doulas and have seriously considered it next time I have a baby...I love my husband, but I think a doula would help a lot :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I'm following you now and linked up in your week long link up too.
I wish I had used a doula for my husband was not any help LOL! Oh well...last baby. Your son is adorable! And I know so many babies (4!) that have Nov 23rd birthday!! Such a popular day! :)

I am following your blog! Come visit mine at
Katie said…
lol yeah every time I would have a contraction at first my husband was asking me questions like "can I get you some water" "how bad is this one" "is there anything I can do" .... and Im all yeah you can stop asking me questions and just rub my back lol

PS I am now following you too
My experiences were similar to yours. A doula was the single most useful "purchase" we made as new parents. I also encourage all expectant moms to look into getting a doula. I can't imagine how I would have gotten through it without mine.

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Love that you posted this, and so glad you had a good experience with a doula!! I had a doula (& midwife, too) with my son's birth 7 years ago and she was so amazing! David arrived after less than 4 hours of labor and no meds - it went almost perfectly according to our birth plan!! Julie (my doula) kept me calm & focused and I wish all moms-to-be would check into the services of a doula!

I wish I'd had a doula with my daughter (now almost 17!) - it was much different that time!! Congrats on your beautiful baby boy!! : )

New follower from the Alexa hop, too, btw! : )

Aimee @
E. Lane said…
That's awesome! My friend just finished her training and is now a doula, the two pregnancies I have had have ended in miscarriage but once we have out rainbow baby I plan to have her be my doula. (I'm hoping to use a birth center).

Stopping by from the Alexa hop and following your blog now.

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DHidey said…
Wow! What a cool story and hopefully an inspiration to other Moms.
I found you through the Alexa blog hop!
Katie said…
I am hopping this bring my Alexa rank down by commenting on every post I ever made lol

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