Tommee Tippee Review

Tommee Tippee Review:

I am really excited about giving Tommee Tippee a review, I have been a "Tommee Mommy" for a few months now. I am just crazy for all things Tommee Tippee, but today I am going to talk about their 5oz bottle and their 4 month training no spill sippy cup.

Here I have three bottles they are all 4oz the colors are (left to right) blue, clear, and green. Its kinda hard to tell with the green one because I have milk in it. To start the nipples are really soft and flexible they are the only brand that I have found that feels more like a real nipple. They also have a little vent whole in it so the baby does not get a lot of air causing them to have colic. The bottles are small and fat, really good for baby to hold. Here is a picture of my son trying the bottle out for the first time. He is using the 9oz bottle in this one.

As for the 4 month training no spill sippy cup, I was thinking, "yeah right a sippy cup that does not spill, sure if you say so... NOT."
Boy did I have to eat my words, I shook that thing so hard I worked the nipple part I did just about everything you could think of to get that thing to spill just one drop..... NOPE. IT WORKS!!!!!

I like that the handles come off so you can use it on any of the Tommee Tippee bottles and you don't have to use the sippy part if your baby does not get it yet. You can just put a normal Tommee Tippee nipple on there with the handles. As you can see in the first picture I did that on one so you can see how that works. 

My son just turned 4 months and he is learning how to use it, but I think he like to chew on the sippy part better (he also just started to teeth). But holding the cup is no problem and the more I use it the more he sees it and tries to hold it and bring it to his mouth. 
So if you are a breast feeding mom that is trying to wean them off or just having to go bad to work, this is a great bottle to help you. They are sold at Babies R US.

This is my own opinion I was not paid to wright this.


DP said…
You have such a cute baby, and those are definitely awesome bottles.

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Rebecca said…
Thanks for the follow, I am following back. I am not sure what you mean, ad me to the list, bit I do have a Tuesday Hop I will be posting each Monday that you could participate in. Check it out later tonight around 8pm cst. It is so simple to do and a great way to get your blog out there. BTW- I love Tommee Tippee, I have done a couple of reviews for them. I wish I had more of their bottles.. and I LOVE their bib, definitely a must have.
Jennifer said…
Visiting with the party. He is precious.
Sharon Henning said…
Hi! Beautiful blog. I'm now following you from Makobi Scribe. Hope you'll come and visit me!
Katie said…
thanks sharon im following you back
Katie said…
I am hopping this bring my Alexa rank down by commenting on every post I ever made lol
Agothskie said…
just order this sippy cup (since 'Im using TT bottles ) online via zalora shopping..thanks for the info:-)

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