Hey all I have some great news..... look up..... up.... look at the URL.....!!!!

That's right I have my own domain name! WOOT! I am starting to have things take off. But I have a big problem that YOU might be able to help me with.

My Alexa is not talk to me. I have a great score that I have worked hard for, but now that I have a new domain name it can't find it. Did you have this problem when you got your own domain name?

I opened a ticket but we all know how long that can take.


Theresa said…
Sorry I can't help figure out the Alexa thing but I am your 200th follower.

Checking you out from Time 4 Mommy.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for stopping by. I don't know about the Alexa rank...I'm starting from fresh with my rank since switching to my own .com and hosting. I wish i would have done it sooner :)

oh yea and I'm following you on GFC now :D
Katie said…
I opened a ticket with them and they said they would merge them so keep that in mind. But well see if they really do it.

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