Comfort & Harmony™ Cradling Bouncer

Hi everyone its Katie again, and I got a new product to review. Today I'm going to be talking all about Bright Start. I love their products they have such cute stuff. Great for all ages. But I am going to be talking more on this beautiful item...

This is the new Comfort & Harmony Cradling Bouncer it comes in both pink and blue. Here are some of the reason why I love it:
  • The seat cover comes off so you can wash it. 
  • It has a soft pillow at the top
  • You can easily remove the toy bar 
  • The fabric is supper soft
  • It "easy" to put together (if your name is not Katie)

As you can see there is not a lot of work to it right.....

Anyone can do it.... well not me, in a funny way. I was kind of reading the instructions. I should know better by now that you should ALWAYS read the instructions. I had it right, but it did not feel or look right. The bars click together making it hard to fall apart, also making hard to take apart. (Again I had it right the first time but I did not think it was right.) So I stated to unscrew thing to try to get it out, then I had a baby cry, then I can back, then I was hungry, then I came back.

Long story short, what should have taken less then 5 mins to do took me 2 hours!!! But I did learn my lesson, just read and do it the way they say so. It turned out really nice. Aiden loved it, that's right I put my boy in a cute girly pink bouncer. He is to young to care, he just loves that its a new toy.

So if you are having a baby this really is a must get. They sell the Comfort & Harmony™ Cradling Bouncer at Babies R US, Target or Wal-mart all for about $45 and up.

But remember don't pull a Katie and not read. 


I love your blog theme! I am a new fan from Bloggy Moms.

Lucy B Patient said…
Hi. I don't have the instructions and have been fiddling around with it. I have put the metal bits together ok but now can't get seat on- do I need to take metal bits apart some how please?? Not sure will even managein 5 hours lol.

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