He's dead

It all over the news that we have Osama Bin Laden's body and that he was killed! Thank God that that man is no longer hurting anyone. They have DNA to prove that it is him.

How do you feel about it? Did you watch the President talk about it?


Anonymous said…
Finally!!! I know that sounds bad. Thanks for linking up to Happy Monday Blog Hop and I'm happy to follow you.
June L said…
I feel that it is good that he can't hurt anyone any more, but I am not so happy about his death because I know that his choices landed him in Hell. But he reaped what he sowed.
Frugal in WV said…
I hope it can give peace to those that he has hurt. I am following your from the Happy Monday Blog Hop, look forward to your future posts! You can find me at

I'm happy for the 9/11 victims, their families, and our troops! Justice has been served.

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Have a great week!
Elite Design said…
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Lexie Lane said…
Yes, this is great, but did he really suffer like those people he was responsible for killing and their families? It IS a relief, because there's one less evil person in this world.
Thank you for posting this.
Hope you can make it over at voiceboks.com and share your blog with our members. They are a great group of people who of course love meeting new members and are very personable. You will DEFINITELY gain some followers there!
Have a wonderful week!
Lexie Lane
Judy said…
I have mixed emotions...I'm happy and grateful that he can never hurt another human being. I also think it's sad that the choices in his life led to his death. It's hard to find joy in anyone's death.

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