Swim class

kid Living in Arizona it seems like every summer you hear about kids drowning in pools. In 2004, there were 3,308 unintentional drownings in the United States, an average of nine kids per day. Having a new born I knew I wanted to get him into swimming classes. I don’t have a pool, but it is still great to teach them about water safety at any age.  So I had a friend tell me about Hubbard Family Swim School. Its free for kids 4 weeks to 6 months, once a week for half an hour. After that it is $75 a month. So I got Aiden in the classes, this was his second week (we could not go last week with him having bronchitis). There is also no more then six kids per class.

He loved it, of course he splashed EVERYONE! Here we walk them around the pool on their tummies. They also have to lay them on their backs so they can learn to float.  Now Aiden hates to be on his back at home or at class. So he has learned to hold my face to feel safe. It is so sweet and cute.

Because of Aiden almost being 6 month they wanted to see if he could be dunked. It scared me so much. It’s my little boy and my first, but he and I both did fine. He got to be the first in his class to be dunked and three times too!

Sorry you can’t see it too well but he is under the water here. I can’t wait to get him into his next level of swim lessons. He has one more baby class and then he gets to move up. For anyone who has a child I really encourage you to get your kid in some kind of swim lessons. It might say their life one day.


Xenia said…
That top picture is the CUTEST thing ever! Yay for loving swim lessons!
June L said…
Great idea. I am with Xenia. Cute cute cute pictures!

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