That's it I'm moving....

 To Colorado! My husband and I have been thinking about where we want to call home. I have lived in Arizona all my life, up until I got married. Then I have lived in VA and MD. We just moved back here to AZ in 2010. My sweet sister in law moved to CO about a year ago now and LOVES IT.

My family is here in AZ but something just keeps letting me to move. So after a bunch of begging and pleading (not really) to my husband he said YES! So we are going to be moving after Aiden's first birthday. (November some time)


Mama said…
stop by and following from CF monday blog hop, Hope you get a chance to follow back, Thanks so much
Many Blessings to you
Callista said…
Visiting from make your rank lower monday alexa hop. Also now following you.
Melanie said…
How exciting to be able to up and move to a brand new place! I sometimes think about that when the house is a mess and I decide that's the only way to get it all clean!

Good luck with all that's involved with moving.
Lisa Ladrido said…
I love adventures and Colorado is a beautiful state, and one of the healthiest! Good luck!

Following you from VoiceBoks!~Lisa
I am all a twitter about life
Marie Anne said…
I've never been to Colorado but have lived a bazillion places in many other states (retired Marine, served more than 21 yrs). I wish I was back in NC.

Found you through the Alexa ranking blog hop!
cajunlicious said…
Hi! Following you from the Alexa blog hop! Hope you visit my Cajun blog and return the follow!
- Jessica @
Mandi said…
Found you on the AZ Bloggy Moms site. Now it looks like you'll be a CO Bloggy Mom! Congratulations on the impending move!! I am following and looking forward to it.
Katie said…
Thanks all I just wanted to let you know if you left me your blog info I am now following you and will be leaving some comment really soon! Have a great week
Karla said… and dropping by for the hop.
Jill said…
I live in Colorado and I love it! It is a GORGEOUS place to live and explore! I found you from Voice Boks email. Please check me out too,
Danielle said…
I'm visiting from the Alexa Hop; already a follower. I'd love to move too. I grew up in Oregon, and I have also lived in AZ. Apache Junction to be exact. Now I live in NJ and miss the west coast.

I have a blog hop on my page too if you'd like to link up! I just reset it today.
Michelle said…
I've never been there, but have heard from many people that love it there and it does look quite beautiful. Hope you enjoy it there!

Also, Thanks for linking up to our Alexa Blog hop at Have a great week and hope to see you back next week!

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