To Brezza or to Bullet that is the question...

I am sure by now most of you have hear of ether the The Baby Bullet or The Baby Brezza. Both are great for making baby food. But what one should I get? Lets break it down starting with the Bullet.
The Bullet for $59.99 (through Facebook) and you get:
  • The Batchbowl
  • Two short cups
  • The power base
  • Baby Blend Blade and Milling Blade
  • The Pocket Nutritionist
  • The Baby Bullet User Manual and Cookbook
  • Six Storage Cups with Date-Dial Lids
  • The Batch Tray
So you get a lot of really cool stuff. How ever the Bullet does not cooks, purées or reheats. So if you are making something like sweet potato you need to cook it first. 

Now the Brezza.
The Brezza is $99.99 and it come by its self. You can go to their web site and down load their cook book though. However the good thing about this one is that it cooks the food. Or if you need to reheat something it steams it so you don't have to put it in the microwave. 

So with to buy, the one that has more for less, or the one that cook the food....? Here is where I need your help. Do you own one or the other? Do you like it? And with one would you get?

Comments said…
The bullet looks like a better value, I know that anyone that I ever hear that has the regular bullet absolutly loves it!

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Oh goodness they have so many new things these days. They didn't have many options when my children were growing up.
Never had this when I started having my girls 21 years ago. Though the 21 year old is actually 6 months pregnant and now I find myself having to look at these items and I think she would love the bullet! Very, very neat indeed.
fancygrlnancy said…
I so want the baby bullet. I used the regular magic bullet for making food for my son. I would love to get the baby bullet for our next baby. Although the baby brezza sounds great in that it cooks to food. I have a friend that has the brezza and she loves it. But the bullet has more.... oh what a difficult decision. sorry, i'm no help...LOL!

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amazey said…
My daughter is too old for baby food now but when she did eat it. We just bought Gerber baby food for her. I didn't know enough about making your own baby food and I was afraid I would mess it up. Following you back from the Alexa hop via Networked Blogs, GFC and twitter. Have a great day!
Shanda Bauman said…
We have the baby bullet and I love it..wish I had it for my first two kids.
Melissa said…
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Nikki said…
I don't have the Baby Bullet, but I have the regular old Magic Bullet, and I love it! It's so nice to be able to make just one smoothie without having to drag out a huge blender.

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Andie said…
I'll be interested to see what you choose. I didn't realize either of those existed. I think I'd choose the baby bullet... actually, I would go to and see what the customer reviews and ratings are, and why, for both :)
(If it influences your decision, the baby brezza says it's on back order til June 6!)
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island girl said…
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