Baby expo

So there are a lot of states that have baby expo but Arizona has not had one in years. I have been thinking about trying to do one. You know maybe something small in a park with some local stores and them work my way on trying to do a big one.

I would even like to work with a company that already does expo in different states. If anyone knows of someone I could talk to would you please let me know.


I haven't heard of any baby expos coming to AZ. I wonder why they don't have them more often?
Katie said…
Yeah I can't even think of a time when they have come to az
Mama Chocolate said…
I've always wanted to attend a Baby Expo...don't know if they have them in my area either.

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Janice said…
Hmm..good question. I know of some small church and charity based ones, but nothing big.

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TracePoo said…
Wow, I bet a lot of mothers would love that. Hawaii has one but it's on another island so I never get to go.

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Coffee Matters said…
I would love this, never been to one.

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