Father's day

I hope you all are having a great father's day weekend. This weekend is not my husbands first father's day. He already has two wonderful boy. He does not get to see them much cause they live with there mom on the other side of the country but he loves them very much. With that said it is how ever his first father's day with having a baby with me. So for father's day Aiden and I (well more like I) decided to do something kinda sweet.

This is the card I got him for his "first" father's day. But to make it really cute and special I had Aiden wright on it. Yeah ok I helped A LOT but he's only 6 months. So I had him hold the marker while I wrote and then at the end I let go so he could do it....
Yeah I know it kinda corny but its cute. I also got him some cheese cake from pro flowers too.


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