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Most of you don't know but there are LOTS of babies in my family. Here let me show you a picture....

Yeah that's my mom and dad holding all of their grand kids (2 older boys are missing), and as you can see all but one are BOYS!!!! (only one is mine) So as you can guess thing go to the wrong house all the time. That when I heard about a company called Lovable Labels they make labels that you can put on just about everything. This way we know who's toy's are who's, or bottles or even cloths!

They also make address labels, key chains and much more. I am sure you will find something there at you will love. The best part is....

I have a coupon for you to use. Its 10% off any product, just use the code: KatieSLB1 


MikiHope said…
Now I bet those grandparents are having a ball with all those kids-(bet they spoil them all rotten even the missing two)---and those labels sound like an excellent idea!!!
I am a new follower from the Alexa hop!

Michele aka MikiHope
Grace said…
The more the merrier I always say! My sister has 7 boys and I had two so we were a crowd where ever we went.
Hopping over from the Alexa Hop and found your facebook page too.
Hello! I found your blog on the Fun Tuesday Blog Hop.

My blog is www.bloggingextralite.com, would greatly appreciate it if you could check it out.
lorialcorn2006 said…
HI Great Blog !! Im following you from the tusday hop hope you can follow me too
Melissa said…
Stopping by from the Alexa hop. Have a good day!

lilly james said…
I found this post to be very good. I have already gone through and read many of your posts. They are fantastic!
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