Lower your Alexa Rank Link up Week 2

In light of the stupid thing that happened to me. I am sure a lot of you other blogger are wanting or need to get your rank down too. So I am going to host a Lower Your Alexa Link Up this week. Here is how it works.

Mummy Knows Reviews

Make sure you have the ALEXA TOOLBAR installed. This will help you so you don't have to keep opening a new page to see what you'rs (or someone else's) rank is. Is not big, so don't worry about that 

In the Linky Please leave a link to a post you would like people to hop to and leave a comment!

Then hop to the other blogs on the linky and leave a comment on their post! That's it! 

Oh and be kind leave a comment here too please.

Please make sure you leave a link to a post, NOT JUST YOUR PAGE!


Judy said…
Thanks so much for the link up! I recently bought my own domain and lost my alexa score so this will be a great help in getting my score back down :)
Katie said…
I had the same problem Judy thats why Im doing this :) good luck

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