Shari Criso: VBAC

I know I posted this on All in One but this is really important to me that you all hear about it:

Every week I love to get on and watch Shari Criso, so is a midwife a mother of two and owner of a great store called The Birth Boutique. And every week I have leaned something new about cloth diapering,  breastfeeding, new and great products and many more things. She has a show that you can go watch… LIVE every Tuesday night where you can ask her questions, get answers, meet other great moms out there, and even win prizes.

But next week is really important, they are going to be talking all about VBAC. I know there are a lot of moms out there that does not even know what a VBAC is. VBAC is vaginal birth after cesarean. That’s right you don’t always have to have a c-section just because you had it the first time.

So please join us every Tuesday from 9pm till 10pm (EST). BUT next week will be a two hours special because there is just so much information out there. So it will start at 8pm (EST). Make sure you RSVP to get your questions answered and to enter to win some prizes.

So here are the links one more time for you:


Willow said…
New follower from the I <3 Blogging Hop! Sounds like a great resource...and an interesting program!
LisaWeidknecht said…
Hi. I'm a new follower from the cup of joe hop. Follow me at! Nice to meet you.

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