TrueWomb swaddle reviews

Have you ever notice that once your baby is born the doctors swaddle your little one? It's a great way to clam your baby, and make them feel comfortable. Think about it they just spent the last 9 months in a warm small space. Swaddle can help clam a baby down or even help them sleep better. We swaddled Aiden all the time when he was first born. And let me tell you it was not easy as a first time mom trying to get the folds right. 

I could never get it to stay nice and tight. He would somehow kick his way out at the bottom. I really wish I had known about TrueWomb before he was born. 

Unlike other swaddling methods TrueWomb tucks your baby's legs into the fetal position. This allows your baby to feel like they are safe back inside your womb. The best part is, your baby still the ability to move and stretch out if needs be, but still comes back to the safe comfortable swaddling position.

Here is a little about the benefits of using TrueWomb:
• Patent-pending designs mimic the nurturing form and function of the womb
• First stage of World's first and only two-stage system that supports evolving swaddling needs as baby develops and grows
• Lightweight, breathable, four-way stretch cotton fabric helps prevent over-heating, reducing an important SIDS risk factor
• Improves quality of sleep by reducing the "startle reflex" and spontaneous arousals during sleep
• Can reduce gastro-intestinal colic symptoms and enhance feeding as a result of improved sleep
TrueWomb also come in four different sizes sure to fit most any babies.

I love that the materials are soft and breathable, there is nothing worse then trying to swaddle your baby in a big hot blanket in the heat of the Arizona summer! Yet it is also warm enough that your baby will not get too cold. Because my baby is a little to big for this I had a friend use if for a week and she is REFUSING to give it back till her baby out grows it! She said her baby has slept so much better over the last week then he every has in the last month! So if you are a new mom or going to be a mom (again) soon this is #1 must get on my list!

I was also sold on this product when I watched this youtube video on it. Such a smart idea! Why did I not think about making something like this?!


You can buy them at TrueWomb for $39.99.

I would like to say thank you to TrubWomb who gave me a product to review. I was not paid to wright this. My opinion may vary from others. My honest opinions were used. This post was written by me and was not edited by anyone.


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