Wordless Wednesday... Sad baby

I know every week I do wordless Wednesday about my baby with with a face like this.....

Can you blame me :)


Jackie said…
No, I cannot blame you. My WW posts are always about my kiddo. ;)

Jackie @ http://tofindtheline.blogspot.com/
{PS: Found you at Bloggy Moms.}
Lisa Noel said…
OMG, that face is priceless!!!!
I agree with Lisa! PRICELESS! Awesome capture.
Shellsea said…
Hi, I'm stopping by from Wednesday Blog Hope - Love your blog I am a new follower and would love a follow back. :)

Love, Shellsea Blog
Amanda Starr said…
Stopping by from the blog hop! New follower and a new blogger, feel free to visit my site!

HAHAHA, what an awesome picture. I'm your newest follower from the blog hop! Please swing by my blog if/when you have a chance, I would love a follow back! And if you have a Twitter, I'd love to be friends on there as well. Take care! www.shelbylately.com& @shelbylatelycom
Rachel said…
That is the CUTEST little puckered-up face EVER.

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