The 2011 Gerber Generation Photo Search

Yep I did it I entered Aiden into the Gerber Generations photo search on Facebook. Will I win, I don't think so. But he still looks really cute up there. I would really love it if you all would vote for him. You can do this once a day. Did you get your baby on there too? If so let me know and I will vote for you too.

To vote just click HERE. His number is 39077 or you can look him up under Aiden, Tolleson. Thanks again everyone!


Seeking MJ said…
New follower from Bloggy Mom's Blog Hop. Voted
jbplbarbara said…
He's so cute. I hope you win. Best of luck. Visiting from Mel Dreams Often blog hop.
Have a wonderful weekend,
Español para Niños (Spanish for Kids)
Twingle Mommy said…
He's very cute! I'm over from the Alex hop.
Heidi said…
He is adorable! Now following your wonderful blog from the Alexa hop! Would love if you stop by and say hi!
Anonymous said…
Stopping by from the Alexa Hop & new GFC follower
The Job of Mommy
Tracy said…
Newest GFC Follower from Alexa Blog Hop and I voted for your lil cutie! It was at 18, now it's 19! Good Luck!


Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly
amy cherie said…
I'm your newest follower.

What a cute baby, you might just win.
gkbccb said…
voted! and a new gfc follower if you want to return the favor! Hey! Ifound you on A Helicopter Moms Alexa hop! It has lowered my Alexa score greatly by people hopping back to mine! So I am sharing the comment love! Won't you share some back with me?
Locomotion of Expressions
PS _ I also have a ton of great low entry giveaways for all sorts of things if you dig through my archives on the right sidebar AS WELL AS a linky you can add your giveaways to there is a grab button code for it, if you have a linky compilation list! TY so much! Hope to run into you again in this great big BlogOSphere in the near future! Have an awesome day!~
S Dupree said…
Oh my! He is just too adorable. Who could deny a cute face like that?
New Follower from the weekend blog hop. Enjoy your weekend.


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