Amc vs. Harkins

I almost never go to the movies anymore. It hard having a baby and trying to find a sitter. But most of all I don't go anymore because of the price. With redbox, and netflix I have just been waiting till movies come out on DVD and watch them then. However when a really good movie comes out, like Harry Potter part 2 of book 7 I just have to go. So my wonderful husband took me to see in it IMAX 3D. So we went to AMC because it is the only place close to us that has an IMAX. When we do go to the movies it usualy Harkins: tickets run you about $9 and AMC is about $10. So we save a buck....big deal....


However where AMC gets you, is their food. We both go natchos and one extra cheese each, and one drink and it ran us $23! That more then both of our tickets! I know dig deal right well not a few week ago the prices where almost half that, and we just found out that the guy that owns the land that AMC is sitting on it going bankrupt and trying to sell the land.

So we think this might be AMC's way on trying to make more money. Over at Harkins you can get the same thing for about half the price.

Has any of you seen the same thing where your theaters prices are going up, or you stopped going altogether because of the price?


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