Baby sign review

So I have been wanting to teach Aiden sign language for awhile now, and I know a little. So I was really glad when I won Baby Signs. I could not wait to try this and see how well it works. So I started it yesterday and I always have it on in the living room in the background so he could see it as he play. We sit and watch it twice a day, then read the books with it. The next day (today) he started to move his hands with it. He can't really do the signs well yet but he is understanding that he needs to copy them.

Some parents are worried that that signing will cause the baby to not to want to talk. Or that it will take them longer to talk. But this is just not true. Plus you are using the word and the sign. This is the same way that babies lean a different language such as Spanish. You say the word in English and then Spanish. The same is true for signing. You say the word and then sign it. 

The movie is really cute and fun. They also give you four book that you can read and sign with. 

I will keep you all up to date as to how Aiden is doing with this program!


Heather said…
Yeah Emarose likes this. Jerom isn't yet too interested in the movie, but he does like looking at the books.
Julia said…
Hi! I'm a new follower from Monday Mingle. Excited for more reviews- I am a new mommy in Dec.! Thanks!
Green Mama said…
Signing was so fun with my first son...he's 2.5 and still involuntarily uses the sign for "please!" Can't wait to teach the baby! 12 months was about when #1 caught on to it :)

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