Traveling with a infant... oh NO

As a new mom I try to stay with in 30 min drive of EVERYTHING! I can just see it now... taking a long trip in a car, baby crying, wanting out, want to eat, wanting to drink, wanting out, oh wait I already said that. Oh and did I forget to say the CRYING!!!

Last time we went out of town we went two hours north and he.... slept almost the whole way. So that went well. But this time its a 14 hours drive!!! We are heading to Colorado to see family!!!

But what should I bring what do I do. I really wish I had on of the kids DVD players, but they are not cheap! So I am trying to be prepared for this the best I can.

I am bring bottles, (and my pump)
kids CDS

But will that be enough?!?!? Have any of you gone on a long trip with a baby? Any advice? Aiden is 7 months now.

Oh and we will be stopping every 2-3 hours just to get him out and have him crawl.


I can so relate to this post! I have 3 kiddos and my youngest is 17 months but doesn't enjoy the car seat at all. I look forward to following you! New follower from blog hop. Thanks for hosting your as well! Come by soon...

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