Wordless Wednesday with linky

Aiden first trip to the Aquarium, it was HOT but we had fun!


They grow so fast! :-)
awesome! We are headed to a big aquarium this weekend in Atlanta & can't wait! :)
Yay! We love the aquarium! Happy Wednesday!
we keep a salt water aquarium at our house and the kids adore it! But a trip to the aquarium is way more fun!
esahm said…
This is too cute. I love the first pic. He looks like he is concentrating very hard on figuring out the fishies!
bigguysmama said…
These "firsts" are always so fun! So great you captured them!

Anonymous said…
oh lovely! stopping past for the blog hop :)
too cute!
jeands said…
Hi, thank you for the sweet comment you leave on my blog.

Looks like the little one had fun on his 1st trip to the aquarium.

I am your new follower now.


jeands (http://www.jeandslq.blogspot.com
Anonymous said…
Always fun!

I'm your newest follower from the Thursday blog hop; would love a follow back, too!

Have a fabulous day!
Anonymous said…
oh and i follow on fb , happy thursday!
Stopping by from WW...I didn't have enough time yesterday to look through all the photos! He is so cute! :)
Looks like fun! I love the aquarium!
kewkew said…
Looks like he was really enthralled. Thanks for linking up at Tots and Me. Sorry it took me so long to visit.
Missy L said…
My kids love the aquarium too. What fun!

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