bad luck kind of day

So this day is not going well and I just need to vent to you all lol. I forgot to post my WW so that will come up late. The reason why I have not posted is because my cell phone is no longer sending or receiving pictures. So I went to Verizon to find out whats going on. And I got the WORST customer service every!!! Don't get me wrong I love my cell phone. But ever time you have have a problem they tell you do a factory restart. Which I did and that did not help...

So when I got home (after they guy kept telling me that's what needs to be done, and me telling him I just did that a few weeks ago) I tried to call their customer service just to find out my land line is not working!! Ha what a day. Oh a bright note we did get Aiden surgery scheduled and I won something!

Hoping my day gets better :)


Katie said…
well it looks like things worked out, man it was a long morning!
Heather said…
I hate mornings like that. Glad things worked out.

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