#Breastfeeding week

I am sure by now just about every one knows it Breastfeeding week. Read everyone's story has really helped me be more motivated next time to breastfeed right from the start. When Aiden was first born he was in the NICU and so I told them it was ok to give him a bottle, only because I did not know any better. I did not know that I could pump and have it ready for him. So as of 5 months ago Aiden has been breastfeed, no formula! I have been to proud how big and strong he has gotten.

  • Don't be scared to breastfeed in public (next time). Who cares what people think, you are just feeding a child who has the right to eat. In fact about 3 weeks ago I feed Aiden in a really busy mall. I was so proud of myself.
  • There is no bottle mess. The few time that Aiden has stayed with grandma I have pumped so he can have milk on stand by, and I'm lazy the less cleaning and work I have to do the better :). 
  • I also co bed with Aiden which is so much easier with breastfeeding because I don't have to get up make a bottle or anything. Aiden sleeps about 11 hours a night. That's right 11 hours its because when he starts to fuss to eat I just "pull it out" and feed him.
  • It's so much cheaper to breastfeed, and you don't have to worry about running out to the store because you are out of milk.
  • There is a closeness that only you and your baby can have while feeding. Aiden feels safe and comfortable when feeding, and I feel like I am giving him the best.
  • But remember to all of you new moms and not so new ones.... GET EDUCATED on breastfeeding. There is new info that comes out everyday. Its ok if you are having problems the first day or two it gets easier. 

I really hope to do even better when I have baby #2 and for all you moms who did not do it but wanted to. Don't feel bad just keep trying and do your best. Remember women have been breastfeeding for years, and you can do it too!


Mommybug77 said…
I am breastfeeding my 4th baby right now. I nursed my 3rd for 39 months :)
Katie said…
Mommybug thats GREAT good for you!!!
Green Mama said…
I am co-sleeping with number 2 and I love how easy it makes breastfeeding. Also love the breastfeeding bond!
Leanne109 said…
I'm a big supporter of breast freeding and did so with both my children. I'm a New GFC follower Leanne109 and I stopped by through the Alexa blog hop. My site is: www.booksnmakeup.com
Jenny said…
I had the wonderful support of a La Leche League counselor, without whom I am sure I would have given up BFing my first. He was also in the NICU and got a bottle some of the time which caused problems. He's 11 now and SO healthy. I attribute a lot of it to his great start in life!

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Anonymous said…
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Lesli said…
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