First time flying with a baby

Well I managed to take a 14 hour drive with Aiden. It was hard and I would never want to do it again.... So I am going to be flying to CO on Monday! I can't believe its hear already. It was been a SLOW and BUSY week for me.
But here is the part where I need your help. Aiden is only 9 months old and this will be his first flight. What do I do, what do I bring?!?! I have two bags I am going to be checking in, a stroller, a car seat, a carry on and a diaper bag.... Feewww that's a lot for one mama to carry. 
I have toys and stuff ready to go. I will post on Monday night or Tuesday to let you know how it went. 


Ai Sakura said…
awww good luck!!! i think you already brought plenty for a mummy that's going to be flying alone with a baby! :)

just remember to put the toys u need into the carry on. most major airlines have bibs, wipes and diapers for the babies too so you just need to ask them. no need so many in the carry-on bag.
Jenny H said…
Good luck! Just stopping by from the super stalker hop! Would love if you came by, too! According to Jenny
Heather said…
good luck carrying everything. I hear that nursing the babies during lift off can help, but don't really know for sure as my kids have never flown anywhere.
Missy L said…
Good luck! I haven't flown with our kids yet but I imagine all the carry-ons and luggage alone would cause me to be frazzled.

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