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Well I am so glad that after 8 months Aiden has hair now!!! But the back keeps sticking up or messing up, and I was not sure if it was ok to use gels or any hair products. So I just never did anything. That's why I was really excited to learn about Hot Tot. Hot Tot is salon-quality styling products for kids and babies. Hot Tot is safe, chemical free and gentle enough to use everyday.

So I started with the styling gel so I can give Aiden the mohawk that I see so many little boys have! I was thinking its going to lay flat after an hour or two....

It looked just so cute I really wanted it to stay....

So we packed ourselves up went into the car seat, got out and still it was not flat yet..... When to a restaurant ate lunch and still it did not lay flat!! It stayed up the whole time. Plus it was not sticky or crunchy it felt like we had not put anything in his hair at all!

They have a whole line of product for kids and babies. From finishing mist to sweet pea serum, which helps keep the cute curls. They are always adding new products to their line.They are working on developing a baby wash (Ppotless Tot) that should be joining their line sometime this month.

So if you baby has any hair at all you have got to get Hot Tot for them. It works great and its safe to use on the little one head.

This was written by me and all of my opinions are my own. I was not influenced in any way. I received the product for review purposes. I was not compensated for this post. Your experience with the product may differ from mine.


AmberFaith said…
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Dangzter Online said…
I always believe gel is not good as it trigger hair fall. But we need to style our hair and babies too! I think any brand would do as long as it's water based and chemical free especially if you're applying it to babies! :-)

Aiden is adorable. He's going to have a lot of fans when he grows up! :-)

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