Sponsor spot light and review: For Two Fitness

We all know how important it is to be healthy, to eat right and work out, most of all when you are pregnant. We also know how hard it is to find cute, fun maternity clothes let alone maternity workout clothes. So when I first saw For Two Fitness I was in LOVE!!! They have the cutest workout tops. The shirt that they sent me say “Toning for two” and it has two rattles on the belly.

"We believe we have the best maternity workout clothes available! We use flexible, stretchy fabrics that will flatter you, grow with you, and bounce back to look great even beyond your pregnancy. We know you don't like that "maternity tent" style, so our body-conscious designs emphasize and embrace you instead of hiding you. " - For two Fitness

Their tops are really soft and stretchy. When I first got this shirt I did not want to take it off. I took this picture and sent it to my husband. He called me and asked if there was something he should know. (I'm not pregnant....yet) I said yes, "I love this top and I don't care if I am not expecting, it's comfortable!"

I think I would say I love this one the most. It says “Six pack abs” and then has six bottle on the belly part!!! For Two Fitness has a lot of really cute fun tops. They are a must get.

They are cute and most of all comfortable. Once you try them on you will not care if you are pregnant or not, you will never want to take it off. 

For Two Fitness has send me a sample to review, but also do a giveaway dure "Honor the Tatas" giveaway blog hop. This hop will be taking place here during Oct 21-24. So keep an eye out to win one. 



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dani84m said…
Stopping by from the Alexa Hop
ppreacherswife said…
Popped in from the Alexa blog hop! http://pantylesspreacherswife.wordpress.com
Bao said…
Six pack abs! Hahah!! Super cute.
Sherrie said…
Cute tank..and it looks comfy too :)

Melissa said…
This is so cute! It does look comfy.
Looks cute and comfortable!

Angela Rhodes Krause
Momma Teri said…
This shirt is fab!
Not sure if I comment here or on the Tatas post but I am in love with the six pack shirt lol it almost makes me want to get pregnant all over again (Id be nuts to have 3 under 3 though)
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