Upcoming events, looking for sponsors

Hey all I just wanted to let you know my giveaways are going to be a little slow for the next few weeks. This is because I am going to be joining in a few great giveaway blog hops. The first of which is going to be:

"Honor the Tatas", this is about breast cancer awareness, so everything PINK. (If you have a product that you would like me to review for this that is pink please email me)

Next we have the "Trick or treat" hop. There is no trick to this one, its being called the "trick or treat" hop because it is during Halloween. (Still accepting sponsors)

Then we have the big one, The Blog Bash Christmas, this runs for only 6 days and over $100 worth of prizes. (Still accepting sponsors)

As you can tell with some many great blog hops this is not only a great time for you to win things but a great time for sponsors to get their product seen. Just about every blog hop has about 100 people joining! So if you would to sponsor me in this just send me an email (if I have not sent you one yet) and let me know what you have! 

Can't wait to work with you!


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