Wordless wends week 2

Arizona crater

Ryan took the picture on his way to CO! (I miss him)

Ok all its your turn to link up your photos


thanks for the follow, now returning the favor. Those are awesome pictures of the crater.
mamawolfe said…
Stopping by from VB...beautiful photos. Makes me think of the crater I saw on the big Island of Hawaii!
Raquel English said…
The hills and valleys show the wonderment of gods work. I sound a little slow, but please forgive me when I ask this. How do I link pictures? The little box always stumps me. Im not that computer literate. Thanks...
Beautiful!! One day I want to drive across the country :)
Dropping by from vB! Love your wordless wednesday :) I'm your newest follower and I'd love a follow back when you find some time to come check out my blog!

And definitely swing by something swanky tomorrow for my Boba Jewls Giveaway !

{Sweet Treats Thursday}
Grandma Bonnie said…
I just love the photos. They look amazing. Stopping by from VoiceBoks. Hope you have a great week.
Jessyca said…
Hi I am a new follower. Please follow back. http://jessycaspage.blogspot.com/
Have a great weekend!
Jenny said…
I wonder if that's meteor crater? My sons and my mom went on vacation to that area on Spring Break. They said it was so windy you could hardly stand!

I found you through the Cup of Joe hop :) Looking forward to reading more.

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