10 years ago 9/11

There really is not big need for pictures here. We all remember where we where and how we felt on that sad day. The lives of many great men and women where lost. There where also many people who found the courage to move on and become heroes that day too. Where where you?

I was in high school, scared and felt small in the world. I was not the kid that go up and talked in front of people, I was really shy. But I remember when the towers fell there where kids cheering..... It made me sick to my stomach. To them they thought it was cool to see a building fall, they never thought about the people still inside. I found the hero in me that day and stood up and yelled at them. I remember what I said too it was, "How dare you, all of you! Laughing and thinking this is funny! There are people still in there, moms, dads, brother and sisters. Shame on you." I then got up and left the class room, when I came back people where quite.

Our heart and prayers goes out to everyone today.


I was in college and I definitely remember it being such an emotionally devastating day.


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