Halloween foods for fun

Tomorrow is the first of October, that means Halloween is just a few weeds away. Here are some great ideas for fun foods to make this month. Lets start with a big pumpkin cake

I am not going to go into how make make each food but here is the link if you want to make it.


I made this for my baby shower last year.

How about pizza? This one is so easy anyone can do it. All you need is some english muffins, pizza sauce, cheese and back olives!

If you know how to make deviled eggs then this is another easy one
for you!!

How about some Tombstone treats? This one is really easy too but here is the link to the recipe anyhow.


I hope this helps you think of some fun ideas for your parties and for your kids. There are so many things out there that I just would not put them all on. All you have to do is just google Halloween foods and there you go, page after page of fun food ideas.

Have a Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said…
These are really neat! Although, the eyes are a bit creepy. :)

I'm here from the Alexa hop.
Kenny said…
Thanks for sharing the links :) Stopping by from Alexa Drop Hop :)
The chocolate pumpkin cake really caught my eye had to take a closer look.
mrsmomx6 said…
LOL...I love it! What great ideas :)
Sharon from VB members to remember
One Cool Lunch said…
Cute ideas! New follower from the Alexa Hop, would love a follow back! Thanks!

Sandy Elliott said…
I love this cake! So cute. Can't wait to try it. New twitter follower from the Alexa hop. Hope you'll pop on over to my blog also.

Marsha S said…
too cute! and since I'm hungry it all looks so good!
stopping by with the Monday Alexa Hop and liking you on facebook.

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