Kashi #momsmeet review

This was the first weekend that I tried Kashi, and I have to tell you I was really worried. Most of the time when there is a company that says its whole grain and good for you, it tastes really really bad. So I was worried that Kashi would be the same. Oh boy was I wrong!
I got to try Kashi's new TLC® Peanutty Dark Chocolate Layered Granola Bars. It was so good I don't even know the worlds to use. I think I have been eating like 5 a day just as a snack because they are so good.

Then there is the TLC Cereal Bar Ripe Strawberry, which is great so when you are on the go in the morning. I sent one with my husband today and he loved it. There is no added colors which is great for people who have food coloring problems.

Last but not least I also got to try the Cinnamon harvest breakfast cereal.  I am a big cereal junky, and I am very picky when it come to cereal too. Most of the time you get the stuff that really tastes good but is realy bad for you. Or you can get the really good for you stuff that tastes like cardboard. Kashi did a great job on making a cereal that is not only good for you but is tasty too.  

So i would just like to say thank you to Kashi for making food that is healthy and making  food that picky eaters will WANT to eat.


Ok, I absolutely love all of these products. Have you tried Good Friends by Kashi? It looks like it will taste like bird food, but it's really tasty. Cinnamon Harvest is one of my faves! Stopping by from Alexa Hop! :)


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