My new love.....Switched at birth

So I have been watching switched at birth and I am IN LOVE. My dad used to be a sign langue interrupter and I took some classes in college. And I have a BIG love to sign langue, so much that we are trying to teach Aiden.

But the last few days there is one person that has really grab me and that's Emmett, who is played by Sean Berdy. He is corky and cute and really funny. Sean really is deaf, and not only does he act but he also performs with a musical group. His inspired dance rendition of Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” performed entirely in American Sign Language was a tremendous hit among his deaf peers.

You really should watch Switched at Birth its a great show and will make you want to come back for more every day.


Jamie L. said…
New follower from Monday Monkey hop, would love a follow back.
Courtney said…
hmm interesting.. I'll have to check into this show.. thanks!
karenmed409 said…
I am a fan also, one of scout is teaching all the scouts sign language... good experience for the boys to learn to communicate with another scout.
Thanks for sharing

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