Netflix sales drop

As just about every one knows Netflix raised the price to have both DVD and streaming. It went from something like $9.99 a month to about $16 a month to have both. Because of this most people just plane left them. I was one to left them. I would have stayed if they had more movies to stream. It always seams like they have really old shows that no one really wants to watch or they have a new one for a few weeks. So most of the time the shows or movies that I want to watch I have to get the DVD for it.I was sure that this would hurt their sales something bad. Well now they just came out with this:

"late Sunday night, the company's chief executive, Reed Hastings, apologized for the way he handled recent changes in pricing and subscription services, which were announced this past summer and have since caused Netflix customers to walk away in droves."

Lets take Harry Potter for example, when the last show came to theaters they should have streamed the last 7 movies so people can watch it before it comes out.... But they did not and they still not have it.

Netflix has lost 1 million of its 25 million customers!!! Even though they apologized for not communicating very well they still are doing nothing about the 60% price hick. 
Until they change somethings (like the price) or have more shows to stream I will not be going back.


I agree! It's ridiculous! I still have the streaming, but I went to blockbuster now for my dvds since I can get new movies as soon as they come out and also I can go to any blockbuster and trade my mail dvd for something in the store whenever I want and I can keep the one from the store as long as I want too! Get Blockbuster!

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