Sinus Buster review

Its that time of the year again, where the weather changes, and the pollen changes too. So everyone is getting all stuffed up with nasal congestion and sinus pressure. The worst is at night when your laying down trying to sleep. Well thanks to my dad I found a great way to breath again. Sinus Buster with capsaican pepper.

My dad got it for him and he said it did not work so when I got sick a few months ago I gave it a try. Boy oh boy did it ever work. It cleared me up in just a few seconds. So when Ryan and I got sick this last week I used it and get better in two day. This was Ryan's first time trying it and I told him it will burn but feel so good. I just do a little spray and breath in a little. He does a spray and breathes in so much that his face turned run, his eyes started to water and then he laughed. IT PEPPER PEOPLE. Its going to burn just a little but it helps.

He told me that when he was in the Army, when you got sick you put two drops of Tabasco sauce on your finger and up the nose it goes. Sounds cray but he said it works. 

But really I love this product, it really does not "hurt" that bad, it a little burn for less then a min and then you can breath all night. What I also love about Sinus Buster is that on the label it says, "Warnings: Upon initial use, you will experience a powerful sensation which lasts a few seconds." Its just funny that's all.

I blog with Integrity and my review was written by me and your views may be different. There was no product received for me to do this review. I did it because I had the product, had a good experience and wanted you to know more too.


Anonymous said…
Because I have the sinus problem from last 3 years. So I have researched a lot about it. Sinus is a space between your eyes which is behind your cheekbone and forehead. They contain phlegm or mucus which helps to protect from dust and pollutants. But if they become blocked, or extra sinus added and any sinus allergy would occur then it will become very difficult for that person. The above shared supplement is best for all the sinus problems.I want to add here a article which helps in the treatment of sinus allergies through natural ways. Here is that article
Thanks admin! This review is wonderful share for us.

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