Sponsor spot light: Fluffy!!!!

In honor of the Tata's is coming up very soon and I just wanted to give a shot out to another great sponsor:
Go Green Diapers. And because it has to be a pink item, here is what you will be winning:

And when they say bubblegum they mean it. This diaper is so pink it to cute for words. While I might not always use cloth diapers I do like putting them in my 72 hour kit. Because you never know when you might not have the money for diapers. Or if something happens and all you have are size 2 diaper and your baby fits a size 4.... That's why I love cloth so much, because they fit your child for years. The diaper is soft and great. It will sit your child from birth until you are ready to potty train. 

So keep an eye out Oct will be here before you know it. And you WILL want to win this one.


Janet W. said…
Wow! That is quite the pink diaper and I LOVE it! Adorable! Nicely said, the great thing about cloth diapers is that they grow with your child in size!
Anonymous said…
Great review, new follower here from Weekend Hoppers, http://babyfeetandpuppybreath.blogspot.com/
Hope you will stop by and follow me back, Thanks.
Courtney said…
that is SOO cute.. cutest cloth diaper i've ever seen
Anonymous said…
Designer and green! Newest follower on gfc and facebook. Come see my giveaway at www.myparentingcoach.com
I love cloth diapering! And this diaper is so darn cute!
Heather said…
This diaper looks awesome.
Sherrie said…
The pink diaper is really cute and I love the buttons for designs.

Melissa said…
I love this, it's so cute!
TonyaHopkins said…
this diaper is adorable
Love the diaper colors, that they're environmentally friendly, and cost-effective.

Angela Rhodes Krause
LindaHnub said…
I love the pink! :)
Momma Teri said…
The color is so adorable and I really like the button one size
I have been dying to try a GoGreen diaper! I mean look at how cute the different color snaps are!?!
ticklemetiffy at gmail dot com

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