Trick or treat sponsor spot light

Hey guys the Trick or treat hop is come us in a month, and I have some great companies I need to make a shout out to.

Let us start with Juppy Walk.  I received this product awhile ago but really wanted to see how Aiden would do with it before I posted anything. Aiden has been standing on his own for about 2 months now, and he's getting  better at it every day. He also LOVE to try and walk. But I hated having to bend over and hold his hands. So most of the time I would just have him walk for a few minutes until I could not take it any more. The Juppy Walker helps to get ride of that problem.

The Juppp Walker goes on your little one kind of like a harness and has long straps that come up for you to hold onto. When my older brother was learning how to walk my dad used to call him a monkey because his hands would be up in the air when he walked. Think about it, if they way your child learns to walk is holding your hands up above their heard they will think that's how you walk. But with the Juppy Walker your childs hands are free to hang on or just be free.

Aiden LOVE to walk in this, it holds him up with out taking all the weight off of him. He also loves it when we swing him from side to side a little... I'M NOT SAYING YOU SHOULD DO THAT!!!!

This is a safe method to teach your baby how to walk. It is 100% parent assisted so there is not dangerous falls. Great for children with special needs. And helps so you don't strain you back.

So keep an eye out for this great giveaway during the Trick or Treat hop


Melissa said…
I'd love to try this! It looks like it would help with avoiding back pain and is also safer for the baby.
Jan said…
What a great product! Thanks for the review.
Anonymous said…
My daughter is almost 5 months old, This would be perfect for her! Thanks for sharing!
April G said…
I am so excited about this product! I have a daughter with some slight gross motor delays and this is supposed to be a great tool for helping her as she learns to support her weight and walk!
momwithadotcom said…
I'd love to give this as a gift! I had one & it was pretty cool.
My 9 month old wants so bad to walk and chase her siblings and my back can hardly take the bending over to help her so I think this is one of the best inventions ever!
ticklemetiffy at gmail dot com

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